This is Chalet Laurus with its trademark Alpine wooden, marble, stained glass materials and high ceilings, which its developers insist is the Lech`s most promising venue for vacations. The house protrudes charmingly into the skyline and fresh crispy mountain air.

Inside, on the ground floor is the spa area with Jacuzzi, sauna and samovar herbal tea much awaited after the glory day on the slopes. The living spaces feature light European-oak floors, both custom made and antique furniture, refined textiles, leather, fur and plenty more marble. Step into the wooden-crafted elevator that takes you to the bedroom on the first floor or to a gourmet dinner arranged on the second.

For added privacy, slanted horizontal jalousie installed into the windows prevent outsiders from peeling inside. In fact, the emphasis is on secrecy, serenity and joy, which we are welcoming you to experience with dedicated staff always ready to make your holidays unforgettably perfect.